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A Complete Guide to Finishing Options at

It's important that you choose a finishing option that best suits your needs. Knowing your options and choosing the right one can simplify the set up process. At Banners11, we offers 4 types of finishing options for your step and repeat banner -- Pole Pockets Top and Bottom, Grommets Top and Bottom, Hem Only, and Clean Cut.

  1. Pole Pockets Top and Bottom: If you are using a stand, this is the option for you. With Pole Pockets Top and Bottom, we add sleeves on the top and bottom of your banner so that the poles of your stand can easily slide through to hang your banner.

  2. Grommets Top and Bottom: If you don't own a stand but have a wall or a surface that you can hang stuff on, this is for you. The most common places you've probably seen grommets used are on your shower curtains and drapes -- you know, the metal "thingys" at the top? Well, Grommets Top and Bottom, adds reinforced holes on the sides and corners of your banner so that you can use things like thumbtacks, hooks, or zip ties to hold the banner up or in place.

  3. Hem Only: Hem Only is just that -- Hem. With this option, we'll double stitch the sides of your banner for nice completed look. It also ensures that your banner doesn't fray or rip at the edges. You can also use double-sided tape to hang your banner on the wall.

  4. Clean Cut: For those creative minds and DIYers out there, clean cut may be an attractive option. With Clean Cut, we'll cut your banner straight from the printer so that you can decide what you want to do with it. You can staple it to a wooden frame, insert it in poster frame, or just slaps some double-sided tape and hang it on your wall. The options are endless!

  • BONUS FINISHING OPTION - Side Grommets! Adding our side grommets option is ideal for banners that are extra wide. Have you ever seen a saggy banner? Well, they probably didn't have side grommets to control the banner's overall tension. By adding side grommets, you can use zip ties to tighten the left and right sides of your banner, which in turn reduces sag!

Now that you've reached the end, what finishing option have you decided on? If you still can't decide or have additional questions, reach out to us today!

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