How best to utilize your Step and Repeat

We talked about using Step and Repeat for advertising, social campaign, and brand exposure. For our concrete sequential crowd, let me answer the question, “How do you do that in practice?” For those of you who are random abstracts, this is pretty interesting so stay put.

By now, everyone should know the power of the internet. We do businesses online, we shop online, we even hang out online. We have connected anywhere, anytime, with anything. Recently, Stephen Colbert was recently scandalized and experienced the power of social media. One of the tweets, not written by Colbert but had the name of his show, caused global trending keyword “#CancelColbert.” Instantly, millions of people around the world retweeted and joined the movement to #CancelColbert. Who would have thought social networking service that limits the content of the message to 140 characters would cause so much misunderstanding?

When used in the right way, social media has great potential to help your business, cause, or event. To put this into practice, choose a well-thought-out keyword. Maybe for your graduation, #NorthGwinnetClassof2014. Your Wedding, #MrandMrsSmith. Your Sweet16, #JaneSweet16.

During Christmas of 2013, one of our clients used hashtags for their holiday season. I’ve already done a review of this design. One of the first things that grab your attention is the picket sign, “#capitalcitymall sELFie snap spot.” It is very clear what you should do. Take the selfie with your friend and tweet it or post it on your Facebook. Another example is the more recent one done by Australian Gold.

So the next time you plan your Red Carpet event, think about hashtags and incorporate them into your design. Maybe you will be the next globally trending topic. #StepandRepeat

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