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Photo Backdrop: Who says Step and Repeat Can Only Be Letters and Logos?

It is easy to assume that Step and Repeat Backdrops should only be letters and logos. But that’s not true. There is so much more to a backdrop than just letters and logos. With digital printing, you can virtually put anything on a backdrop. Your imagination is your only limit. It is said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” With the right kind of image, you can have a greater impact on your event.

Maybe you are planning on team pictures for a football team or soccer team.

Or maybe a high school musical that is happening in New York Times Square

Or perhaps a religious event where people have fun and create memories while learning about deeper meanings of life.

Even a nice natural backdrop like this would be great for the office for a change of scenery. Nothing like a nice waterfall oasis to calm your nerves and brighten your mood.

Whatever your event might be, Step and Repeat backdrops can help you make the best of your event. Our backdrops are also economical. It is also durable. You can use it for multiple occasions. Who says you cannot have the best of both worlds?

If you need more inspiration, you can check out our Pinterest page:

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