Why is it called a step and repeat?

The definition of a step and repeat banner is a procedure for placing the same image on plates in multiple places. Simply, it is a backdrop/wall display that has sponsor, company, and sport team logos on its purpose of advertising and capturing photos of celebrities or famous individuals during red carpet events, media press conferences, and many more special events.

However, these are NOT only limited to celebrities. The step and repeat backdrop banner provides opportunities for everyone to stand on the red carpet and to capture photos with each individual's special events emphasized.

Sign11 is known for our professional and friendly customer service. We provide quality step and repeat banners to all customers nationwide.  We make the step and repeat banners in all sizes ranging from as small as 4'w x 8'h up to 150'w x 8'h.

Not only do we provide quality custom banners, but we also provide a combo package with stand and red carpets to make your red carpet events even more special and stand out! We NEVER outsource our works and all works are done in house which enables us to have the fastest turnaround in the industry.  We are very flexible and we welcome unique design requests as well. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs!

Order now at and plan your most exciting red carpet events!

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