Why Use Step and Repeat for Advertising?

In the 21st century, why would anyone invest in banners, bumper stickers, or Step and Repeat Backdrops? The simple answer is because it works. It is hard to believe I know. Google, Facebook, and Twitter is a must for today’s businesses. We hear so much about Online Marketing. We even see people walking with their eyes glued to their smartphones. In fact, friends in the restaurant looking at their devices instead of each other’s faces now seem to be the social norm. So how is Step and Repeat Backdrop going to compete with that? Through the Mere Exposure Effect.

(The pictures courtesy of Marc Jacobs. Backdrop made by

Mere exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon where simply put, people prefer something they are exposed to (even if that exposure was for a second). This is the reason why you think, ‘I like that song,’ when you hear a song that you never heard before. Well, in truth, it is not the song you never heard before. It is the song you heard before but you don’t remember listening to it because you heard it as you were walking by Starbucks. Your brain is familiar with the song by the time you hear the song the next time. So, the next time you hear the song, you feel as if you like the song.

This is big in advertising. That’s why you see political campaign banners, yard signs, bumper stickers in the 21st century. When you are exposed to a person’s name, you will likely to vote for him when the election comes. This applies to businesses, non-profits, and schools. So what does this have to do with Step and Repeat competing with Online Marketing? Well, in a sense, it’s not really competing but complimenting.

(Photo courtesy of Shuttercube. Step and Repeat made by

Step and Repeat is a photo backdrop where your guests, audience, or crowd can take pictures in front of. It’s fun. It’s simple. And it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and yes, even Google + friendly. You have an 8 Feet by 8 Feet photo wall where your business will get maximum exposure. It is so new and fresh that people will look just out of curiosity. You can take full advantage of the “Mere Exposure Effect.” Step and Repeat are different from your typical banners in that they are meant to be posted online.

People love sharing their fun moments with people they know. And they post it on Facebook, Instagram, well…you can fill in the blanks. I’ve seen so many Step and Repeat pictures tweeted and Instagrammed (part of it because it’s my job). But in all seriousness, you are more likely to look at a picture if it is a picture of your friend having fun. When someone is exposed to your brand, they are more likely to walk into your store the next time or click on your website just because they saw it fleetingly on friend’s Facebook feed.. And that’s how Step and Repeat backdrop can complement your Online Marketing.

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