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Vinyl Letter Tip?

  • How fast do you make the lettering? - All in stock colored lettering orders up to $500 shipped 24 hours, however, some larger size orders and special ordered colors takes 24-72 hours, but we do our best to ship every order within 24 hour time frame., large quantity orders and special material orders please ask us for turn around time.

  • Does Vinyl lettering comes single character or by words? - Lettering comes by words, phrases, sentences basically as you type on order line, will be pre spaced, aligned, ready to apply.

  • Is there background on lettering? -No, the vinyl lettering we offer is computer die cut, sign lettering which only the letter itself sticks on the surface you are apply on.

  • Can you make letters with Reflective vinyl? -Yes, we can make lettering with Engineer grade reflective vinyl. at price of 2X of our regular lettering price, just ask for "reflective vinyl" at checkout, we will adjust your order.

  • Can you do 2 tone (shadow) or outlined letters (another color surrounded the letters)? -Yes, we can do both types of letters at price of 2X of our regular lettering price, just ask for "shadow" or "outlined" and specify the color at checkout, we will adjust your order.

  • Is it hard to apply the lettering? - If you can draw straight line, measure the area, and follow simple instruction, you can peel and stick easily. Please refer the instruction

  • Can I put the lettering anywhere? - Vinyl letters are made of sign film which sticks any flat, non coarse surface, applications are virtually any flat surface, such as metal, windows, woods, plastic, ... any surface that Scotch Tape would adhere.

Vinyl Letters